Thursday, January 1, 2009

Looking back on '08, Looking Forward to '09

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Looking back on '08
The most important/memorable change...
On July 4, 2008 for the first time in my life, I met my biological grandparents. (for those who are reading and are a bit confused by what I mean by that, I am adopted and my mother and biological grandmother have been mailing letters back and forth since October 22, 1989 when I was adopted) This is one of the greatest things to happen in my lifetime. I already have a big family as it is (mom is 1/11 kids and dad is 1/8), but there's always room for more! I'm not saying this because I think I'm awesome, but I know this reunion has been a huge blessing in the lives of my biological grandparents as well (because they tell me all the time). They are the sweetest, most genuine people I have ever met. Not to mention they're old...and old people are cute and get excited about everything!
I was also fortunate enough to meet my great aunt and a second cousin as well! Both were also awesome and caring.

Looking Forward to '09
The most important change...
This month, I will be meeting my biological aunt (birthmother's sister). I'm flying out to Colorado to spend a few days with her and am really looking forward to it!
My grandparents are slowly, but surely finding a way for me to meet my biological mother.
My uncle has yet to show interest in meeting me, but maybe it will happen!

Looking back on '08
Best trip/vacation
This is sort of a hard one, but I think the best trip I took this year was during spring break. I went with
InterVarsity Christian fellowship on this thing called the Urban Plunge. We basically spent 6 days in SE
Washington D.C. living and learning together about the city and the injustice that exists there.
We participated in various activities such as volunteering for a day at an elementary school, touring SW
(about "urban renewal" and such), GED tutoring, Anacostia river clean up, etc. When we were not out
serving and learning about the community, we either played games :) or discussed how our experience
relates to Jesus and how God cares for the city. Then, of course, we related it to our lives and our personal
response to injustice that could occur outside of just being in the city doing volunteer projects. Things
such as how we spend our money, what we do as a career, how to treat the environment, recognizing
racism ,and many more topics. Though there were sometimes (okay many and still are) disagreements,
it was great to be a part of a group of students grappling with these issues with our God in mind. But
most of all, I was greatly impacted to discover just how much Jesus cares about "social justice" and
the broken people of Washington D.C. It broke my heart to see the injustice while I was living in D.C.,
but it was in a good way. I feel my eyes just opened a bit more to the world around me. And finally, we
still were able to find plenty of light in D.C, shining through it's people and the good things that are
happening there (such as when churches like St. Teresa's reach out to their community, or Peace fellowship
that welcomes diversity into it's simple meeting place). I am still challenged by many of the things I
learned on this trip, but am thankful for such a life-changing experience.

Looking Forward to '09
The Urban Plunge...
So guess what? I'm going on the plunge again this year!! I really look forward to seeing what I learn the
second time around. I feel like I've grown so much, I'm a new person and will be going with a different
mindset (that will probably be shattered once again) and go with a different purpose (last time, I had heard
good things about it, and had nothing else to do for break).

Looking back on '08
Eight Randoms/favorites, no order
1) Got a new puppy (who's huge now...english mastiff)
2) Author: Shane Claiborne (books that open my mind and inspired me a lot)
3) Awesome old roommate transferred (sadly), but have another awesome one this year!
4) New Fave Musicians: Jars of Clay, Sigur Ros, Hillsong, Black Violin
5) Cape Cod (fun con mis primos)
6) Going to the lake house with friends (before chapter camp and new student retreat)
7) Growing friendships
8) Fridays

Looking forward to '09
Nine looking forward to's that haven't already been mentioned, no order
1) Thursdays
2) Growing friendships
3) Changing business major to psychology (keeping crim)
4) Re-reading the inheritance series (eragon, eldest, brisingr)
5) Possible abroad trip in summer or winter
6) Getting baptized
7) Learning how to cook
8) Continue to build my guitar skills ('08 was a great year)
9) Growing in my faith through cwazy experiences, friendships, and fellowship

Okay, so Resolutions?
Didn't even think of anything yet...i need more time to think. so, no!

Sorry for a longish post. this is another "deep"ish post
by me. i promise, lighter/fun ones are to come