Wednesday, October 7, 2009

real children, real Jesus...

the preivous advertised blog will eventually take place, when i get some time

DISCLAIMER: we'll see how this goes as I wrote about this next post in my journal, not much background or detail, sorry! I'm leaving it in its original form for "my eyes only," so you may not understand it the way I do or you may get caught up in my personal communications style or grammar. Anyways, I thought I'd mix it up:

{Reflecting on a moment volunteering at Sister's of Charity (Shanti-Dan) in Kolkata...

[While there, I was overwhelmed by the reality of children who were craving love and attention. Specifically, the moment there were 6 or so children ages 4 and under sitting on the a sort of "circle," CRYING. Crying because they were sad, their world was not right. They wanted love. To be touched, to be played with... I looked at all of them in the eyes as I sang:
"Jesus loves the little children,
all the children of the world..."

repeatedly, as their sniffles began to disappear. They looked back at me as if they were contemplating the truth that came from my lips. It was a solemn look. No smiles emerged. Just calm. Peace.]

I began to cry as I reflected on this moment. It was so real. No documentary. No pictures. No commercial sob story. Not someone else's experience. Just me, Jesus, and those children--real children with no homes, but with names. I cried out WITH Jesus-- asking Him to reveal His love...for the children to feel it and know it.}

this is messy, but i think i'll leave my blog at that... unscripted, unedited :)