Saturday, January 16, 2010

Bidhan Nagar

I know there has been a huge natural disaster in Haiti recently that has caused many deaths along with much more strife.  May God send more and more of his people to aid those who are suffering there. Pray for our brothers and sisters that are involved in this tragedy.

I would also like to draw attention to a disaster that is not in American news.  In Kolkata, India where it's estimated 600 families (2,500 people) have been displaced/became homeless because of a fire.  They also lost all their possessions (dowry, sleeping mats, cooking utensils etc.).

The cause of the fire is "unknown," but it is almost certain that it was on purpose by developers in order to use the land for "improvement" or even expanding stuff for the railway station the slum was near.

A good friend of IV's Global Urban Trek has been ministering to the slum and many teams have worked there.  I'm pretty sure most everyone I went on the Trek with this summer visited this slum at one point or another.  Please, above all these people could use your PRAYERS.

Also, if you'd like to donate to our friend, Mahadeb, he will use the money to help the people any way he can.  Just email me or comment or whatever if you'd like his address to send a check to.

Here's an article if you'd like to read more:

The title of the slum is the title of this blog and it's also called the Basanti Colony.

I shall continue to lament... it's one of those things that's hard to go about my day-to-day knowing that people I met and in a city I love are suffering like this--especially when it's suspected to be no accident.


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